July 7, 2017
August 10, 2017
Tex by: Leila Petersen Almeida

The charming urban lofts provide free environments, as well as integrating the spaces in a creative and refined way.

The lofts began in the 1940s, when the major industries set up in urban centers here in the United States, especially in New York, began to move their units to places away from the city.

As a result, sheds and factory structures became unoccupied, attracting interest from young artists who sought large and cheap spaces for their studios. With high windows and ceilings, these constructions have their own characteristics, such as the use of iron, concrete and other heavier and urban materials.

Today, the lofts are true oasis for those who seek comfort and practicality, without forgetting the sophistication. It is these concepts that Joe Bertola works on his projects.

For the professional, the environment needs to be studied to provide a pleasant aesthetic effect coupled with functionality. “Everything should be designed to be kept, because unlike the original models, the current lofts have small spaces and you have to keep them organized in addition to a modern look,” he explains.

The absence of walls also deserves special care when distributing furniture, especially in the kitchen. Sliding doors are wild cards in project planning.

The lighting also deserves attention, and warm tones are appropriate to provide intimate environments. The comfort is due to the use of wood, used in the furniture and also in the composition of the coatings.













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