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April 13, 2017
August 2, 2017
Text by: Leila Petersen Almeida

The kitchen is the heart of the house. That’s why to keep it always organized and beautiful it is essential. In addition to making the most up-to-date moments, a complete kitchen with more details and well thought out helps in the process of optimizing the space and valuing a functionality.

So let’s put together the tools to create and use your kitchen with a lot of charm, organization and efficiency.The backsplash – that part behind the sink and the stove usually covered with tile or granite, not only serves to protect the water-damage or the grease, but also a prominent decorative element in your kitchen.

Currently, the market is filled with tile models produced for these functions that guarantees beauty and ease of maintenance. Stones are one of the most elegant options  the market offers. At the time of choice, your personal style  will influence your kitchen’s stile. Regardless of your style being, as classic, contemporary, or modern you can use any type of material such as tiles or stones (marmore, granite, quartz) which is different from the style that binds. For example, light tones are trends for the classic, the colorful tones for the contemporary and  modern.

When defining your style, all work will be facilitated. The help from a professional always facilitates this whole process, such as the best ideas of a cooking style and in fact not combined. The role of the professional opens the way to understanding what we really want to in our kitchen.



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