What should a good project take into account?

February 6, 2018
July 9, 2018

following our series in this post we will talk about what a good architecture project should take into consideration. When we build our house we always imagine it big, comfortable and complete, but it is from these premises that comes to the first point to be taking into consideration, which is: what determines the size of a house is its use! That is, how it will be used in the future.

So it is very important for the couple to ask the following question: Do we really need this? For example, a couple who do not like movies does not need a movie theater. In the meantime, they like to cook, so they need a bigger kitchen because they will have more appliances and equipment in addition to receiving friends in the kitchen. Maybe they might even have a large table in the kitchen and not in a separate dining room. Did you understand the reasoning? Following this line think of all the rooms in the house and if they will be needed and the expected size of them. Do not forget to take the couple’s future into consideration. Do you have or will you have children? Remember that children grow up. They want to have a garden, but which of you like gardening? And the pool? Do you like to swim and catch the sun? In the barbecue area … Do you have the habit of receiving friends at home? But do not be concerned about determining all of this: What to Prepare for the First Meeting with the Architect, the development of the concept of how the house will be and the use of it is an assignment of the architect who goes do it from the knowledge of the routine, hobbies, and characteristics of the couple. But the more the couple is aligned with the needs and characteristics of the house, the be

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