July 9, 2018
October 16, 2019

Luxury kitchens are a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to design a new kitchen. Premium materials, coatings and sophisticated combinations of home appliances are some ways to make a kitchen stand out. Not only do these items add a more luxurious touch, they also add innovation with a modern style.

Our design for a client’s kitchen in Charlestown can be best illustrated by a quote from Joe Bertola in that: “We combined practicality with beauty since the kitchen has been seen as the new social area of the house”. Space also presents an opportunity for new technology support.  State-of-the-art appliances facilitate the day-to-day use of gourmet cuisine making for a more practical space great for socializing. In addition, our Charlestown project was a great success because our client loved the design, which to us is of great satisfaction.


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