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Our technicians are experienced in preparation, painting and proper clean up of all types of interior surfaces. Your home or business is in great hands with Bertola Custom’s experienced interior and exterior painting professionals. Best of all, when our interior and exterior painters are on the job, you can trust that your home and your belongings are being cared for with respect.





Create Fresh and Appealing Spaces

Painting is a powerful and cost-effective form of property maintenance with unmistakable visual results. Repainting your interior or exterior walls every couple years helps preserve the value, beauty, and comfort of your home – all while offering an exciting opportunity to experiment with new colors! To make sure you get the most from this investment, be sure to hire a skilled painter who can help bring out all the possibilities for each space. Bertola Custom Homes & Remodeling take the time for every in-depth consultation with our clients. We do this because it enables us to foster strong communication, comprehend your vision, and deliver personally crafted solutions – all while offering quality workmanship that is guaranteed!

Waltham Apartment Painters

Sprucing up the look of your home requires careful consideration based on its age and construction. For example, brownstone homes have a unique set of needs that new apartments or townhouses don’t have to consider due to their various materials facing Waltham’s varying weather conditions; thus why it is essential you invest in durable exterior paints which can handle whatever nature throws our way!

Waltham inhabitants have a lot on their plate, and little time to spare. Thankfully Bertola makes painting your house painless with rapid digital quotes that don’t require an in-home assessment! You can take all the time you need when deliberating home updates, then our licensed, insured, and certified team will be out within one week! With us no task is too big or small – let’s get started today and make a plan for your transformation.

Interior House Painting in Waltham

Brownstones are a product of 19th-century architecture and feature brown sandstone materials, below-ground entrances, and tiny garden spaces. To preserve the historic character of your Waltham home’s interior design, remain true to period-appropriate colors for an authentic look. In fact, some buildings in our city have earned historical landmark status that requires specific preservation measures out of respect for Waltham’s cultural history. When renovating an old brownstone home, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of house painting over the original woodwork based on the quality of the craftsmanship and the historical significance of the building.


Homeowners in Waltham commonly seek to spruce up their living quarters with a new coat of paint that better reflects their personal style and current décor. On the other hand, talented artists who reside in lofts or studios usually do not have the expertise needed for painting high ceilings and tight spaces – professional help should be taken into consideration here.

Exterior Residential Painting in Waltham 

As an inhabitant of Waltham, you understand that the weather conditions here can quickly cause damage to your home’s wooden structures.  This means that its inhabitants must be prepared for anything – even the exterior house paint they choose should have that same endurance. With high humidity levels also posing a threat to mildew growth, it is important that any house painting service takes these environmental factors into account from day one. That’s why when you call us at Bertola, we prioritize quality workmanship and are always available throughout every aspect of your project – no matter what Mother Nature has in store!

Expect Efficient Service

Our commercial and residential painting company is highly regarded for its attention to detail and strict adherence to quality guidelines. Setting up appointments is as easy as making a phone call, and we always arrive promptly! We start each project off with an organized plan in order to ensure that the job not only looks great but also finishes on time. With state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal, along with best practices established over years of experience, we’re able to offer stunning results without sacrificing efficiency or customer satisfaction. To top it all off, we use nothing less than the finest materials available – so you can be sure your space will look incredible when it’s completed!

Make the most of our house and office painting services by scheduling an appointment with Bertola Custom Homes & Remodeling! We offer unparalleled results to clients all over Waltham, MA – don’t wait any longer – contact us today for your personalized consultation.